pooja room design

Pooja Room

A wooden temple design:

It’s time to gain hope and positive vibes through the workshop of God. So, structure your pooja room more precious and auspicious with dreamscape interiors. This wooden pooja room is designed with mini-open shelves and sideboards. Fix the mini idols on open shelves adds a touch of elegance. As you can stick your precious pooja items in those cabinets. The metal accessories like bells, plates, and brass lamps. Decorating the room with metallic colors can enhance the cozy ambiance. The wood cum glassy door creates a welcoming ambiance in a sense of positivity and well-being.

Dazzling Mandir:

The pooja unit is an essential part of your home which promotes hope, love, and prosperity. A pooja room becomes a source of positive vibes, a place where hope can be turned into reality. The CNC patterns can shape your prayer room more luxurious and extravagant. A beautiful lord Ganesha, bell, mantra are designed by the CNC patterns on the  

backdrops of the idols. The hanging of two gold stainless bells adds elegance and uniqueness.

Portable Pooja Unit:

The pooja room is a divine place to inflate your wealth, warmth, deities, and well-being. We, Dreamspaze brand your beloved pooja room to delightful in movable from one place to another. The mini sideboard looks stylish & sleek. As you can stock your pooja items in those cabinets. The huge mini bells are hanged in the doors would give a dazzling view. It looks like a mini temple and gives a touch of warmth. This pooja unit is perfect for small apartments.

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