Modular Kitchen’s Adventure

Modular Kitchen

Mint Green Modular Kitchen:

Design your kitchen perfectly with beautiful walls, drawers, interiors with awesome coloring. For a smaller kitchen, the L-shaped layout is more perfect to save space and can comfortably utilize for cooking and washing. The modular kitchen is designed in cool mint color with a glossy finish is an excellent way to add extravagance to your home. The electric stoves and gas stores are compact units together built in the countertop. The chimney plays an important role in clearing the oil, spicy smells, air, and protect the wall tiles from the sticky fumes. The upper cabinets and part of the lower cabinets are made out of glossy mint green-wood with silver handles to open and close them with ease and rescue to stock the cups, spatulas, and kitchen accessories. This dazzling layout creates an elegant vibe in your kitchen.

Single Layout Modular Kitchen:

A beautiful kitchen interior creates a lovely and cozy ambiance. Dreamspaze would renovate your mini boredom kitchen to a modular kitchen in a fabulous manner. The refrigerator, sink, and countertop surface are designed in a single-wall layout. The open

shelves in this kitchen are apt to place the utensils which you use regularly. By placing the refrigerator at the end of the single wall avoids the interruption in the countertop surface and space. The cabinetry is designed up to the ceiling which provides ample storage space for the kitchen appliances. This modular kitchen is designed in form of a single layout that provides space-efficient without giving up on functionality.

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