Modular Kitchen interior design

Modular Kitchen

L-Shaped Modular Kitchen:

Create the illusion of more space in a small kitchen by Dreamspaze interior. A red color scheme creating a light and airy space where the units blend into the kitchen walls. This glossy layout interior will maintain the overall charm in your kitchen use of quality lightings on both ceilings and the walls and so install an electric chimney of advances range over the cooking top for better ventilation. As you can place your saucers, plates in the racks which are covered by a glass front panel. An ample storage option is provided with cabinets and drawers to stock the kitchen required things. This modular kitchen makes your cooking experience much customizable and functional.

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U-Shaped modular kitchen:

The U-shaped modular kitchen is probably the most practical of kitchen layouts and can provide an additional flow of ample storage for the kitchen appliances. It looks more elegant with a yellow color scheme which well suits for white floral tiles. The functional area is designed in a triangle shape where the hob, refrigerator, and dining table are either on parallel  

walls or incorporated on three sides. A chimney is fixed above to the cooking spot which rescues to absorb the smoke, smell of spices, and protects the tiles from the sticky fumes. This classic layout creates an imposing vibe to your kitchen interior.

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