Graceful Green Kitchen:

A kitchen is an epic place in the home. Modular kitchens are the best solution when it comes to organizing your cooking space. It rescues to achieve a clutter-free design that also smartly utilizes the given space. It is a combination of wall units and base units. This modular kitchen is designed in pastel green is a color. An ample storage option is provided with cabinets to stock your things. An inbuilt cutlery tray in the drawer shapes to stock the utensils and kitchen holdings. A tandem drawer is designed to store heavy groceries. The dustbin is built-in under the sink it saves huge spaces. The pastel greenery kitchen would refresh the surroundings.

Classic Royal Blue:

The combination of royal blue and white modular kitchen gives a dazzling view. The floral tiles smoothen a clean wash and make your floral shine. A clear storage option makes work easier and much cleaner. A kitchen chimney plays the most important role in clearing the air which contains smoke, the smell of spices or foods, and protects the floral tiles from the sticky fumes. It is a friend of your kitchen walls. A bi-fold lift up module is attached in the wall to stock your holdings. A microwave oven is in-built in this modular kitchen. It is a great thing to customize your kitchen basis on a self-perception thesis.

Multidisciplinary Modular:

This kitchen plays a dynamic role to perform multi-functionalities at a time. The two contrasting colors of black and lime green make a darling statement. A breakfast counter drives a role as dining and also adds to the multi-functionality of the space. The huge cabinets are attached to the bottom of the counter-top, it provides extra storage space. An oil pull-out instrument is fixed right to the cooking spot. A multi diagonal lift up shutters along with the cabinet is designed to induce a clean organizing space. It is flexible to maintain a kitchen.


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