false ceiling design for hall, Acoustic, Wooden Ceiling

False Ceiling

Acoustic Ceiling in Call Center:

False ceiling designs for commercial spaces are getting creative and fancy. Do your firm employees face issues like the background noise of other conversations interrupt their conversation with customers? We, Dreamspaze offer sand absorption solutions that can rescue to improve your call center. This white circular theme ceiling reduces background noise and echoes, which inflate better communication between your employees and customers. It provides a better working environment and ultimately increases the concentration and quality of working.

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Wooden Ceiling in Living Area:

The wooden ceiling provides structured roofing and aesthetics for domestic and commercial purposes. Decor your living area with this wooden ceiling to brand your interior attractive and unique in style. It transforms your space from boring to eye-catching because natural wood provides a cozy and healthy environment. It has excellent soundproofing properties and will eliminate irritating noises. It hides imperfections in the ceiling, wall

wiring, etc. The wooden ceiling is ideal for long-lasting were versatile as well as gives traditional look forever.

Stunning Ceiling for Living Room:

Create a splendid tone and texture to your interior to come up with something new. This gorgeous false ceiling grants a sense of aesthetics and a stylish look. The living room may require a decorative appearance and varied lighting, which gives a welcoming ambiance. This ceiling design adds softness and glows to the overall look, which is suitable for modern design homes. The golden flavor love ceiling lighting represents your living area more superdeluxe and luxurious. The floral ceiling design adds a touch of elegance and a dazzling view.

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